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Wave your excuses good bye

'In this world, anything is possible when you put your mind to it' says Bruce Lipton. Stop being a victim to your own excuses. There is so much more to you than you know. You are more than your family beliefs, your DNA, your illnesses, your relationships, your body weight and the work that you do. It is time to stop using these as an excuse daily. Yes, you can have moments of insecurity that bring you down and make you feel that it is not worth the energy but don't take out a mortgage and settle there! What excuses are keeping you stuck in this space?

My friends don't exercise and never put on weight. It is not fair!

My parents are overweight it is in my blood!

I have 3 kids, I don't have enough time in my day!

It is too hard. It hurts!

I can't afford it!

I am not worth the time, money or effort!

Everyone is judging me!

I always fail every time!
SO STOP RIGHT THERE! This catalogue of excuses is endless. Where is it getting you other than going down a landslide of negativity and self-destruction. What better time than right now to realize that you are enough! You are enough to put the time and energy and love into to getting to the place you are trying to get to? Every day is a new opportunity to start again. Learn to accept exactly who you are and to love you. This sets up exactly how others will treat you in return. Start making you a priority today. Your starting point is unique to you so don't make comparisons with that body builder standing next to you. The main point is that you are starting, you are on your way, you are moving closer to where you dream to be. Start with wee steps. Set yourself up to succeed just as we would do for our children. Give yourself a chance today to fly even if you might fall but you will get up and try again because that is how life rolls if you want movement. Moments of hardship open you up to new opportunities for development of character and of moving closer to who we truly are. If you want to use excuses to stop yourself from even trying, then stop expecting to see change in your life and stop all that complaining about how life isn't going your way. We learn and grow when we fall down and we then take courage and get up and show up all over again. Show up in your life! Show up and give yourself everything you need to be happy and healthy today and start becoming who you have always known yourself to be!!!!

First step: bring awareness to the excuses you are using in your life. But don't beat yourself up about these. Accept these just as thoughts NOT as who you are. Then decide what small step can you make to break this habit of using this excuse to get closer to your goals. Start putting your mind to your life and what is amazing things are possible for you.
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