Parking FAQ's

Will I have to pay for parking at Fastlane?

If you are a customer of Fastlane Fitness at the time of parking - eg you went for a workout, purchased something from the café or had a swim/took your child for a lesson, then parking is still FREE for 2 HOURS. You will need to display a pass on your dashboard - see below for more details depending on what type of member/customer you are.

Member Parking

Members need to display a new PARKING PASS on their dashboard, please see reception to get one. The card will need to have your membership number on it, should you wish to cancel your membership you will need to return this to reception.

Concession card holder - swim, gym or learn to swim

If you have a smartphone we would prefer you to download the Wilson Parkmate app, this will ask you to load credit card details, however it will not charge your credit card, and if mistakes happen Wilsons will reimburse you. Once you have the app you can come and see reception to get a PROMOTIONAL CODE - this is entered at the bottom of the screen, and will last for 10 swims/gym sessions. If you do not have a smartphone you will get a set of cards, you will need to enter the date and time you came swimming each time onto this, and display it in the windscreen.

Casual customers

Café, swim and gym customers can still use the app, we will give you a code at the time you come to reception, or you can get a one off parking pass from reception - this will need to be displayed in the windscreen so you will need to allow enough time to go back to your car.If you already have the park mate app you are welcome to get a one off code from us as well.

What happens if I get a ticket even though Ive displayed my pass?

Bring the ticket to reception and we will refer it to Wilsons to have it voided, you will need to prove that you have been using the facility though, so make sure you check in, or if you have been at the café, ask for a receipt at the time of purchase.

Why are you making these changes to Parking - it was working fine before?

Have you ever been here between 5 and 6 at night or during a lunch time and struggled to get a park, we have had previous complaints and decided to take action. Because we are in the city, many people use the free parking option and take up our customers parks! So we are trialling this to see if it clears up parks for our customers to use. If it doesn't make a difference we will try an alternative solution. If anyone has any alternative solutions we are willing to listen.


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