Who is ASN?
ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is the world's only pharmaceutical grade sport supplement range that utilises nano-technology filtration processes to create the finest and most pure products in the world. Such is the purity of our products we are audited by pharmaceutical regulations for safety and quality. Everything from the raw ingredients, the manufacturing to the putting the product into the tub is done to the standard of a pharmaceutical product to create a medical-like sports tonic.

What is special about being pharmaceutical grade?
There are two grades of food related products on the market; those that adhere to food standards and those, like ASN, that are regulated by pharmaceutical laws and regulations. Pharmaceutical grade products must be 100% what they say on the label by law; this is an incredibly high standard of safety. Food grade products can be approximately 30% accurate on the label, the rest can be various sugars or additives.
Due to the purity of the ASN products we are regulated and audited by pharmaceutical standards. As such; we are as a safe and pure as anything you could purchase from the chemist or your GP. ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition are regulated and monitored to the same standards as any medical drug manufacturer.

How safe are ASN products?
Very safe. ASN products are as safe and pure as anything you may purchase from your GP. As we are pharmaceutical grade we are audited to the standard of other medical/drug companies. We are audited by the TGA who's mandate is to review pharmaceutical facilities to ensure they keep to the appropriate standard.
Such is the trust in our products we offer a 14 day money back guarantee for safety, purity and effectiveness. No other brand can offer such a statement of quality and performance.

Are there any banned substances?
Absolutely not. As stated we are audited by pharmaceutical regulations. We also provide a guarantee that there are no banned substances as per WADA and ASADA regulations making ASN perfect for international level athletes as well as everyday gym goers seeking a safe and effective product.

What is NANO-technology?
NANO technology is exclusive to ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition and has truly re-defined the sport supplement market.
Generally when it comes to making protein powders other manufactures group the molecules together in a rather disjointed fashion. Much like a trying to fix a lego set together using boxing gloves. The pile of molecules are cumbersome, large, heavy and certainly not very precise or accurate. Due to the impurity; your digestive system needs to break down the protein molecules for subsequent use by your body. This is precisely why some people feel bloated, upset stomach, and/or general illness when taking other sport supplement products. Your digestive system is in effect in stress trying to break down the molecules.
NANO technology is the solution to this problem and is exclusive to ASN. No other company anywhere else in the world has this technology.
After three months of filtration and sound purification we can precisely identify the protein molecule that is perfect for assisting muscle development and joint development. We can zoom down to the nano-molecular level and take the precise strand of protein perfect for the human body. This is much like a surgeon using a laser microscope to build a lego set; incredibly precise, accurate and safe. The end result is a protein powder 5,000 times smaller than anything else in the world. The sport and everyday health effects are profound.
As a result of the extremely small protein molecule size; 100% of the product is absorbed as there is no need for digestive breakdown. The protein molecules are so small they are absorbed as soon as you drink it via your mouth and throat cell membranes. The end result; we can provide a 100% guarantee you will not get an upset stomach and perfect for anyone with allergies, gluten or lactose intolerance, or suffer from IBS.
Another added advantage of the incredibly small molecule size is not as much product is required per serve. The MP50, which will be covered off later, has a huge 45 serves in a 2.25kg tub due to the 100% product uptake.

What is MP50?

MP50 is our lean mass gainer. Conventional powders have a very high content of sugar to create mass; which in effect generally turns out to be fat. We have taken a more advanced path and created a very high quality protein mixed with our nano-particle size glutamine, creatine and humanofort. It is the latter three that create the thickness and dense muscle. As such; the MP50 is perfect for any rugby player, powerlifter or serious athlete. Due to the very small particle size there is a huge 45 serves (at x2 scoops) in a 2.25kg container. Once again; there is absolutely no stomach discomfort and the product is instantly absorbed.
At present a number of international level rugby players take the MP50 both in New Zealand and overseas.

Recommended intake: x1 scoop pre and post workout. X2 scoops pre and post workout for heavy lifting days, including; chest, back and legs.

What is HP100/Ladies Dream Protein?
The HP100 has absolutely zero sugar or carbohydrates and is perfect for anyone who wishes to create a more toned and lean physique. Because the protein molecules are 5,000 times smaller than anything else on the market; the HP100 is also ideal for anyone who is lactose or gluten intolerant, or suffer from any form of stomach issue, including; irritable bowel syndrome or crohn's disease.
HP100 has been noted to greatly aid sleep and assist in the gradual reduction in joint pain or discomfort caused by arthritis. Please refer to our website for a testimonial on the effects of HP100: http://www.asn-nutrition.co.nz/shop/HP100
HP100 is a natural peptide extract from whey protein. With the purist raw (natural ) ingredients in the world the whey protein is filtered over 14 times across a 3 month period to create very fine protein molecules called NANO particles; 5,000 times smaller in fact than anything else in the world. Much like a surgeon; we are able to identify the precise length of protein designed for muscle and skeleton development. The end result is a protein powder so fine that it technically does not need to be digested or broken down, subsequently avoiding any upset stomach, but is in fact absorbed as soon as your drink it. It is these same proteins that are at present being used in stem cell research in Australia. The results for your health are subsequently profound and life changing.
You will notice greater energy and aches and pains will dissipate with time. Your sleep patterns will improve and over time; your complexion will also improve as your cellular composition is healed.
While initially designed for the sporting world; such is the purity of the HP100 it does have significant every day health properties from the alleviation of joint pain to providing anti-aging properties over the long-term.

Recommended intake: x1 scoop immediately after gym and x1 scoop pre bed

What is High Performance Creatine (HPC)?
High Performance Creatine is a pharmaceutical grade energy and recovery drink. It combines our nano-particle size creatine, nano-size taurine and pharmaceutical grade dextrose to provide an elite energy and recovery tonic. HPC incorporates ingredients that have been proven to maximise uptake of creatine into your muscle cells and also provide hydration and support while also fuelling your ATP system.

Recommended intake: x1 scoop immediately before training

What is Humanofort?
Humanofort is an every day health and wellness tonic. At present you have two types of hormones in your body; these are called IGF1 and IGF2. These exist in men and women and perfectly normal. Over time and as we start to age the stability of these hormone levels starts to oscillate and come out of equilibrium as the signal from the brain starts to weaken. As a result; we start to notice more aches and pains, we wake up less refreshed, our skin doesn't look as youth-ful and our general mood and energy weakens.
Humanofort reactivates the hormonal harmony of your IGF 1 and IGF 2 while also dropping your cortisol (stress) levels. The effects will include; improved sleep patterns, improved energy and vitality, ease of joint pain, reduced body fat level while increasing muscle tone, improved skin tone and general better mood.
Taken pre-bed you will notice you sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed, your skin will gradually improve and joint discomfort will dissipate. With internal hormonal harmony your cortisol levels also drop; this is important for reducing stress and subsequently improving every-day mood and energy.

Recommended intake: Take immediately pre-bed with 1/4 cup of water and for breakfast you will notice significant energy improvements within 7-14 days.


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