Learn to Swim registration

Adult learn to swim levels (5 lessons paid in advance $125) Prices have increased as of 1 September 2018

  1. Intro - no confidence with head under water, never been in the water, unsure how to float
  2. Beginner - has confidence with head under water, but doesn't know any swim strokes
  3. Intermediate - Can swim one stroke (eg breast stroke).
  4. Advanced - advancing to extra strokes, and help with techniques (breathing & stroke improvement included) Prices may vary depending on the coach you choose for advanced and Intermediate.

Send us your contact details - including time and day preference, and the level you would be interested in, so we can get you started.

Childrens Learn to swim

All levels - 1 on 1 and group - from 4 years and older. Must be happy wearing a swim cap!

Pricing per student is $150 for group lessons, or $250 for a private lesson- this covers approximately 10 lessons or one term. Payment must be made before lessons can start. Please email us - on form next to this, your childs' details (name, birthday, and your contact details) with a few time and day preferences, and if you know it, their current level, and we will contact you if we have space available.


We have one key areas for children to "hang out" in.
Unsupervised lounge - For children under 14 we have an area open from 3 - 6 next to the main Gym. This area is free to use however children will be your responsibility, and any damage may be charged. Children are not allowed to enter the Gym floor area unescorted. Children over 14 are welcome to use the members lounge, although Fastlane Fitness reserve the right to remove the child from this area if they are disruptive.

Complete and email this enrolment form to info@fastlane.kiwi Then online booking can made by clicking the link below

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