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My training partner is a B**#h

Tims Friday Funny :)

My training partner is a b***h. She gives the best cuddles, has beautiful brown eyes, but when it comes to training, she is ruthless, she just doesn’t care.

We’ve gone out running in torrential rain, howling winds, thunderstorms…. you name it. Every day we go. Simple! She wouldn’t care if it was -10 degrees and I had to dig through snow to get out the door, she’d wait while I did it.

I’ve often said that the hardest part of consistent exercise is lacing up your shoes, and often it’s having someone to be accountable to, knowing that they’ll be waiting for you may be enough to get you out the door.

I know we’re in the depths of winter, it’s cold, dark, and pretty miserable most days. I’m not going to say “embrace it” as such, but I’d consider this time of the year to be when we need a source of external motivation.

Perhaps seeking out a training partner, a friend, work colleague, distant relative, or a local trainer. Even if you commit to catching up once a week, whatever it takes to get through this season.

It’s only a few weeks until spring……I don’t have brown eyes, can’t guarantee any cuddles, but I can definitely be a b***h when it comes to training.


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