At Fastlane we are passionate about every aspect of swimming and safe activity in water. Our swim school provides school aged and adult lessons. Lessons run Monday through to Saturday offering both group and private lessons. 

We provide a fun and enjoyable learning environment for all ages to build their confidence and develop life long water skills. Classes are based on both ability and age. We have appropriate group class sizes to maximise your child’s learning. Email swim@fastlane.kiwi for more information or call now.

School-Aged Swimming Lessons

Children’s swimming lessons are based on developing skills through structure and consistency in a fun and supportive environment. 

Adult Swimming Lessons 

It’s never too late to learn or continue improving your skills. We provide an environment which is encouraging and supportive of all swimming abilities. As most of our adult classes are private we can tailor the lessons to meet your specific goals. 

Level Assessments 

Unsure of your child’s swimming level? No problem. We provide free assessments to ensure your child is placed into an appropriate class. We don’t assess children under 5, however, we can do a verbal assessment between the parent and swim staff. 




Russell Smith is a SwimSmooth coach offering adult swim squad sessions and video analysis. Contact russell@gobeyondlimits.co.nz for more info.


A 25m x 25m pool, with 10 lanes of crystal clear water for training, this is a “fast” pool! Designed to eliminate surge and waves that slow swimmers down, with air cushioning systems that soften the impact when diving into the pool and provide a clearer line of sight.

You don’t have to become a member to swim here – but membership will have its benefits! The more you swim the cheaper the price per swim.  Discounts at the gym and all the other facilities are available to all members.

In order to keep our pool clean and hygienic SWIM CAPS ARE COMPULSORY.


We have a successful swimschool that caters for children through to adults. See link below for more information