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Tims Blog - Spring into Summer Part 2

12 weeks to a whole new you

Following on from the previous article, I’m going to extract some words from a top kiwi bloke named “Dr Mike.” He has a PhD in nutritional science, as well as a string of other degrees in the field of science and medicine.
Here’s the science behind how changes in your body take place.
Physiological dynamics. A term coined 25 years ago and is still used today. (some of this is reproduced from Dr Mike’s book)

Unfortunately we are organic beings, and just like a pine tree takes 20 years to mature, a human brain takes 20 years to develop, you could argue that some human brains take longer than 20 years, but that’s another conversation! (mind you stunt car racing for 5 year old’s would be pretty entertaining) we have to wait for nature to turn over our cells.

It takes 3-4 months for your blood cells to be replaced, within 6 months most of the proteins in your body have been replaced, in 12 months all of your hard tissue, even your teeth are replaced.
Basically a whole new you!

Re-read those last two sentences if you need to.

This can be flipped around. If all the Vitamin C is removed from your diet, it will take 4 weeks for the levels to drop to zero, yet a further 8 weeks before the symptoms of scurvy appear.

The best analogy is a neglected house plant that your flatmate left behind. You start by re-potting it, watering, and fertilizing it. You have to keep doing this, and basically wait for the old leaves to die off and new leaves to grow before you have a healthy plant. (I’m not the best at looking after plants)

I don’t know anyone who went to bed on a Wednesday night weighing 80 kilograms, only to wake up on Thursday weighing 100 kilograms!

The really good news is this: As long as you’re consistent it isn’t that hard. Especially if you have someone who knows what they’re doing in your corner.
Sadly I’ve witnessed lots of people try to copy the latest Fit-stagramers (is that even a word) routine, only to become worn out and disillusioned.
A lot of the reels I’ve seen are either complicated, entertaining, or downright stupid, but hey, I guess these people have a lot of followers. Again, I suspect there is more going on behind the scenes when the camera stops recording.

Remember, there are people on the planet who can calculate how much fuel a rocket needs to travel to the Moon and back… figuring out how to get your body to a point that you’re happy with shouldn’t be that complicated.

So what are you waiting for?

Remember the timeframe you’re working towards and get busy.


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