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Workplace Wellness & Exercise

Regular Exercise IS part of your job

There has been so much talk about immunity, wellness in the workplace, and maybe we are all over it.  But we need to learn to live with it. The word COVID is used as an excuse for many things these days, and perhaps some of us are still scared of the consequences.  There is no denying that the past 2 years have had consequences in many areas of our lives - mental wellbeing, workplace absences, long covid, restlessness, workplace stress, business closures the list is somewhat endless.

Businesses now need to build wellness (and its many forms) into their policies and procedures.

The following excerpts are taken from an article in the Harvard Business Review - by Ron Friedman.

When we think about the value of exercise, we tend to focus on the physical benefits.  Lower Blood pressure, a healthier heart, weight loss, muscle gain.  But there is more to it than that - according to amassed scientific evidence there is a more immediate benefit of regular exercise:  its impact on the way we think!

Our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regimen. The following cognitive benefits are all proven results of incorporating regular exercise into your routine:

  • Improved Concentration
  • Sharper Memory
  • Faster Learning
  • Prolonged Mental Stamina
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lower Stress

Exercise has also been proven to elevate mood, which has serious implications for workplace performance.  Studies of over 200 people in workplaces showed that on the days the employee visited the Gym they managed their time more effectively, they felt and were more productive, and they had smoother interactions with their colleagues or customers.  And they went home feeling more satisfied.

So what prevents us from exercising more often.... TIME!  Its true, sometimes we are overwhelmed with all the things we have to do in a day or week.  So we prioritise those things that we think are more important, and often exercise is relegated to the unimportant pile...who wants to put themselves through that pain anyway!  Generally exercise is considered a personal luxury - something we do for ourselves.  So if workplaces could recognise the benefits to themselves then it becomes something they will allow time for in the day.

From a personal perspective there are benefits to exercising with your workplace as well, socialising helps keep the activity fun, and more interesting.  And in a world where we have been forced to work in isolation away from our work colleagues for so long - getting back together with these people is bound to improve motivation!  Also who wants to let their team mates down - its a lot harder to back out on a team mate or a trainer than to persuade yourself one night off wont hurt...

There are many ways to get some regular exercise into your routine, Gyms aren't necessarily for everyone, you are far more likely to stick with it if you genuinely enjoy doing it....  

Fastlane Fitness specialises in offering a personalised, informative & comprehensive health and fitness service in a state of the art facility in the heart of the CBD. 

The perfect option for the busy working or family person who values quality & variety within an open, friendly & informative community.
The customer experience is one of becoming part of the ‘Fastlane Family.’ Our team love to get to know our members, valuing them as essential & inspirational pillars of the vibrant & diverse Fastlane community. A fully personable experience starts right from signing up to one of many flexible membership options at our friendly reception through to the complimentary 6 weekly health & fitness assessments and personalised programs offered to members. Regular members are rewarded both via cafe & gym loyalty points.

Locally owned & operated, a stand alone facility with its spacious, fully equipped gym, sparkling 25m pool, popular swim school, rewarding group fitness options, exceptionally fresh fuelling from the FeedZone cafe & a range of professional services to support your health & fitness journey be you a first timer exerciser or a professional triathlete.


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